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Solar Installation Class

Starting February 15-18, 2021 from 5:00pm-9:00pm

Anyone interested in participating in the NEW Solar Installation Class; contact the Training Center at telephone number (309) 755-3585 to get registered.

Memo: OSHA 30 Class

The Western Region will be hosting an online OSHA 30 Hour Class if 20 members agree to participate in the class.

The class is tentatively scheduled for 8:00 am to 4:00 pm; Monday December 21, Tuesday December 22, Wednesday December 23, Monday December 28 and Wednesday December 30.  This will be a great opportunity for members on the Out of Work List.  

If you are interested in registering and participating in this class please contact the Training Center no later than December 10.  Thank You


If any members need to update any classes or certifications, please reserve your seat by checking our class schedule on this website. We are observing COVID-19 protocols in regard to social distancing and mask requirements, but we are STILL holding classes. Please contact the Training Center if you have any questions.

*Important Information

Application Night ~ September 9, 2020 Has been CANCELLED

*Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, CRCC Quad Cities Campus has cancelled Application Night, scheduled for September 9, 2020 from 3:00pm-6:00pm. Please contact the Training Center at (309) 755-3585 if you have any questions. Thank You

*All Apprentice and Journeymen are required to wear facemasks to all scheduled classes. There will be NO exceptions. This rule remain in effect until further notice. Thank You

ICRA: Best Practices Awareness

April 2, 2020 ~

The Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) is pleased to announce the new ICRA:  Best Practices Awareness online course to promote communication awareness and protocols for working in occupied health-care facilities.  It also covers protection methods and safe work practices for the various trades and hospital personnel who are working in these types of facilities.

This online course is available to all members through

ICRA Refresher Online

March 30, 2020 ~

The UBC has released a new online ICRA:  Best Practices in Healthcare Construction Refresher class available to all members that are eligible (within the one (1) year expiration grace period).  In order to complete this course, you will need to visit and click on the “Members” tab in the upper right hand corner.  Scroll down to “UBC Member Training Opportunities” and click on the “Access to CITF Online Learning Center”.

If you do not have an account, you will need to create one.  Your ICRA will be renewed for four (4) years from the day that you complete this training.   


Effective March 17, all Carpenter Apprentice & Training facilities are closed until May 4, 2020, or in accordance with mandates on gatherings.  Until then all Apprentice & Journeyman upgrade classes are canceled.

*Special Bulletin*

The CRCC ~ Quad Cities Campus will be closed for ALL classes until further notice.  Staff will be present to take any calls or answer any questions during regular business hours; 7:00am-3:30pm.  This will be only temporary, as we will assess the current health situation as it progresses.  Please check this website for any future updates.  Thank You