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CRCC ~ Quad Cities Campus XTRA Award Drawing

The CRCC ~ Quad Cities Campus has introduced a new training rewards program, called XTRA (Excellence in Training Recognition Award)!  All Journeymen are eligible for this XTRA AWARD at the conclusion of each tri-mester schedule.  **Apprentices will also be eligible with some restrictions.

To Qualify ~

For each published schedule per calendar year (3), the CRCC ~ Quad Cities Campus will sponsor a drawing for a tool giveaway for three (3) qualified journeymen each trimester.

*The member’s union dues must be current.

*A minimum of eight (8) hours of training must be taken to earn one (1) drawing ticket.

*You may earn additional tickets for any eight (8) hours of training taken. For an example; a 32-hour class will earn four (4) tickets to be entered in the drawing.

*Qualified members must be present to win on the day of the drawing, which will be held after each trimester, at the next monthly local union meeting at Carpenters Local #4, Davenport, IA; meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 6:00pm. *Drawing Dates ~ Monday, May 6, 2019, Monday, September 9, 2019 & January 6, 2020

*Note: In the event a ticket is drawn, and the member is not present, another ticket will be drawn.  A maximum of six (6) drawings will take place.  If there are no qualifying members present, the prizes will go back for the next scheduled drawing in the next trimester

*At the end of the calendar year, all tickets from qualifying members will again be eligible for a grand prize drawing. The winner will be announced at the following union meeting, again you must be present to win.  All drawing dates will be posted.

**Apprentice Restrictions:  An apprentice will qualify if the Journeyman class completed is not a class that is already offered over the course of the four year apprenticeship program.  You may contact the Training Center to verify which classes qualify for the XTRA Award program.